The Services provided by Mary James Bookkeeping Group
Integrity, Reliability and Confidentiality


Weekly or Bi-weekly
  • Invoicing – we will present your client
    with a request or demand for payment

  • Bill Paying - don’t worry about paying your bills! We’ll do it for you by writing checks from your account or setting up a bill pay service with your bank or credit union

  • Payroll - We provide an easy solution to pay your employees on time
  • Bank Reconciliation – we will match your records to the banks records for an identical match

  • Credit Card Reconciliation – we will help reconcile or match up your actual transactions to your statements to avoid inaccuracies and fees

  • Trial Balance Review – we employ the use of worksheets listing dates and balances of debits and credits, where the two must be equal

  • Internal Financial Statements – we will oversee the formal records or accounts of the financial behaviors of your business. These records give an overview of your company’s financial state in both the long and short term

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